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Interative Solutions That Multiplies & Makes Your Voice Count

DigiTechAstras advanced voice solutions will earn you Valuable customers that would last. Our services enable seamless transactions and campaigns across media.

DigiTechAstra’s Voice Broadcast Solutions is a robust arrangement. It relays pre-recorded voice messages over phone calls to your customers. Experience improved efficiency, reduced idle time, better lead conversion, real-time monitoring, and reporting. We Provide features like Click to Talk. With this, you can ensure clear and consistent communication with every customer. This happens without disturbing them with alerts and emails. DigiTechAstra is a completely scalable and flexible voice broadcast solution. We have tailored It to fit the communication needs of all business entities.

IVR  is a simple system that identifies calls and reroutes them. Through Interactive voice response technology, humans can interact with a computer-automated phone system using voice and DTMF features via a keyboard. It is user-friendly and enhances a customer’s overall experience. Connect drastically better with your customers through DigiTechAstra’s Hosted Centralized IVRS Solutions. Benefits include automated voice calls that offer seamless connections with the added advantage of complete privacy and accurate, on-time delivery. Our Hosted IVRS solutions are easy to integrate, and designed to fit the scale as well as nature of communication.

A cost-effective tool that generates good leads at a minimal rate. Record the data of those who answer and grow your campaigns. Pair this with an SMS or IVR service and get more effective results. Use the missed voice call feature and leverage the power of strong call-to-actions for definitive engagement by your customers. We provide a no-manual intervention call support to boost user confidence and ensure complete automation. Explore an extensive list of languages to interact with your customers. Additionally, we offer a cohesive working of analytics and optimization to generate superior leads that convert customers faster. Streamline your customer onboarding process with real-time activations and by completing the subscription process.

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