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Digitechastra’s SMS service helps you to increase your reach.It is secure, convenient,result-driven, cost-efficient, and backed by analytics. Call Us now.

Today,  digital banking and e-commerce are flourishing. As digital security becomes increasingly paramount, our secure platforms continue to successfully deliver One Time Passwords and further authentication in a fraction of seconds. Processes including number verification, account login, transaction confirmation, history, etc., maintain transaction security. Prevent fraud by confirming that you’re the one making the transaction, as well as the owner of the credit or debit card. A temporary code will automatically be sent to you by SMS to confirm the same.

A transactional SMS is an automated message that has been initiated by the action of a customer. These messages include urgent information and are usually sent out on an individual basis, rather than in bulk. Transactional SMS enable updates on interactions like bank transactions, hotel reservations, insurance and billing dues, appointment reminders, etc. They work as reminders for important events, track orders, and help you develop a connection with your customers, who will come to rely on you. 

A promotional SMS is sent by brands to potential customers to inform them about new announcements, schemes, discounts and offers. Customize our promotional SMS’es to keep in tone with your brand identity. A user-specific, personal touch helps your customers resonate with you, as you build brand awareness. Track and analyze your performance across different campaigns, and generate leads and conversion rates to achieve brand satisfaction. Create, schedule, and automate SMS through this two-way channel.

Our two-way messaging service allows you to send and receive SMS messages from a dedicated number, through a web messaging platform using complete solutions. Make your marketing campaigns engaging and interactive through dedicated long and short codes with designated keywords, personalizing your messages as deemed fit for every customer. The benefits of two-way SMS are many. It’s no secret that communication is most effective when it’s a two-way street and businesses that converse with their customers often can gauge their needs, which, in turn, enables them to serve them better. Here are some advantages of using two-way messaging.

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