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Upgrade Your Brand's Identity with Our Email Solutions

Digitechastra’s Email solutions is highly customizable.  We cater to the campaigning needs of modern businesses, enabling an uninterrupted flow of communication between them and their customers.

Transactional emails are those, which reach out to your customers immediately after they’ve interacted with your business or services. These are fully encrypted, secure transactions that increase brand reliability, and remove the threat of third-party interference. Processes including password reset, invoices, receipts, account notifications, shipping details etc can be simplified and easily tracked.Following are some advantages of using transactional


You can manage, edit and structure your campaigns at
the click of a button with our highly customizable
software suite, Win your target customers with inbuilt
features like status reporting and tracking. Conduct
an exhaustive analysis of your campaigns and the progress
they’ve made. Following are some advantages of using transactioal



We make it easier to communicate across multiple business verticals.

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